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  • Internship Program:-

 We propose to establish a structured internship program, where social workers and students can work with DAF NGO for a specific timeframe, gaining practical insights into the particular field the interns would be working on alongside experienced professionals. This program will allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop valuable skills, while DAF NGO can benefit from fresh perspectives and dedicated support. 3 Months Internship program. Interns will get an offer letter, post 3 months of internship compilation will get an experience letter and if their performance is good then an appreciation letter will be provided on the bases of their performance. 

  • Volunteers Program:- 

Additionally, we are interested in setting up a robust volunteer program to engage social work students or volunteers who are passionate about social change. This program will allow students to actively contribute their time and skills to ongoing projects and initiatives at DAF NGO. The direct involvement of volunteers can enhance the impact of the programs and enable students or volunteers to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. An appreciation certificate will be provided post the event execution.