Board of Advisors

Mr. Ashish Mehta,


Advocate Ashish Mehta is a founder and chief visionary officer of Ethos Legal Alliance (ELA) in 2018, backed by his diverse, intense, and wide experience in dispute Resolution practice in Mumbai. He has 16 years of experience at the Bar. He had handled many cases before various courts, Tribunals, Statutory & Regulatory Authorities, Commissions & Forums, which individually add up to a rich exposure in the entire spectrum of dispute Resolution practice. As a lead counsel, to his credit, he has given more than 25 reported judgments in various law journals. He has been enrolled on the panel counsel for the Union of India before the Bombay High Court for the past seven years. He has represented SFIO, SEBI, NFRA, CBI, and ED before NCLT and District & Sessions Courts in Mumbai. He also contributes his time to philanthropic activities through the Debabrata Auro Foundation and serves on its Board of Advisors.


Dr.MSR Ayyangar

Dr MSR AyyangarDr. MSR Ayyangar is an accomplished professional with a primary background in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He always had a strong inclination towards studying spirituality and holistic health. He is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd (EBNL). He has 52 Years of Industrial and Business experience – out of which over 25 years in various engineering domains that include design, fabrication, construction, and systems integration. MSR’s expertise spanned industries such as IBM Computers, GE Electro-Medical Equipment, Iron Foundries, Steel Forgings, and Large Turn-key projects in the core sectors such as – Steel, Chemical, Petroleum, Petrochemicals, etc. Rooted in a lifelong interest in spirituality and human well-being, MSR’s journey led him to in-depth studies of Vedic Principles, Upanishads, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy. His keen interest in understanding Anatomy, Physiology, and the intricate Mind-Body connection – formed the foundation for his holistic approach to healthcare management. Over the last three decades, MSR’s focus shifted towards pioneering research and development in Micronutrients and non-toxic healthcare products. His pioneering work gave rise to “VedaCeuticals” a groundbreaking blend of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and contemporary Pharmaceutical advancements. Beyond his contributions to research, MSR’s impact extends to Ethical patient care and advisory roles. For more than 33 years, he has provided holistic treatment and guidance to patients in India and abroad, earning gratitude, and admiration for his comprehensive understanding of the Indian system of medicine -viz- ISM-AYUSH.

Educationally, MSR holds a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal (formerly known as the Regional Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Industrial Management. Furthermore, he serves as a member of the Medical Advisory Board for Medi Angels, a global e-hospital aiming to reshape the healthcare landscape. With his multifaceted journey and extensive expertise, MSR Ayyangar is a remarkable figure at the intersection of engineering, holistic health, and spirituality. He also contributes his time to philanthropic activities through the Debabrata Auro Foundation and serves on its Board of Advisors.


Mrs.Priti Mange

Mrs Priti MangeMrs. Priti Mange is a distinguished and accomplished cosmetologist with a remarkable 10-year tenure in the field. Her exceptional leadership as the Center Manager at The Esthetic Clinics has consistently delivered high-quality service and ensured the utmost client satisfaction. With a comprehensive skill set encompassing Cosmetic and skincare treatments, she holds certifications in Cosmetology, Trichology, laser esthetics, and Diet and nutrition. Mrs. Mange’s proficiency extends to operations management, staff training, and upholding stringent brand standards. Her role as a faculty member at the esteemed International Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery showcases her commitment to pushing the boundaries of the industry. Additionally, her advisory role at the Debabrata Auro Foundation underscores her dedication to promoting well-being and fostering social impact. Mrs. Priti Mange is deeply passionate about empowering individuals through the implementation of secure and effective aesthetic practices. Her expertise stands as an invaluable asset to the board of advisors at DAF NGO, available whenever required.