Best Indian Charity to Donate

Education is the foundation for the social and economic growth of a nation, and India is one of the countries that is still battling illiteracy. Any productive change in the society is accompanied with upliftment in the literacy rate of the population. Education not only equips one with the ability to read and write, but also provides a life boat of survival skills to an individual in today’s society.

While the quality of education has drastically up-scaled with the times, its reach has not encompassed the masses yet. The goal of universal elementary education is a long way from being realized. The policies for ensuring the deliverance of education to these children have left much for wanting. The implementation of these policies faces obstacles at multiple levels when it comes to assuring the provision of resources. One of the reasons can be that the underprivileged sections still remain yearning for the basic amenities of food, water and shelter. Because of this education takes a back-seat. It is important therefore to break the vicious circle and donate to charitable organizations to reach out to the untapped infinite potential harbouring in our society.

Though there is no dearth of charities working in this field, the core challenges are omnipresent; lack of resources in terms of manpower and finances, poor support from the government and difficulty in access. Statistics prove that illiterate parents are more unlikely to send their children to school. Thus, educating the children is the only way to break this intergenerational cycle. This can be achieved by joining hands in this collective venture to assist impoverished and disadvantaged people by working with organizations to raise awareness at grassroots level, create innovative solutions, tools and help in implementing the solution.

In today’s technology driven times, technology can also be used to provide the best solution to mass teaching programs in remote areas of India. Infiltration of education in these areas will aide in improvement of infrastructure with increased awareness.

To educate a child is to empower. Illiteracy breeds social evils which can be rooted out by the simple but potent tool of education. It also helps in bridging the socio-economic gap thus leading to a more prosperous and stable social conditions.

Education is an investment in a country’s long-term growth and we do not subscribe to the belief that the privilege can bring prosperity alone. Education is a basic human right of every child and it is a moral responsibility of every citizen of the country that best education is channelized through correct streams to them.

You also can make your valuable contribution by making donations in any form you like. All the proceeds that come to The Debabrata-Auro Foundation in donations are utilized completely for funding education of children. You can donate any amount and it will be directed towards empowering a child. After you donate, you can always come and check how your donation is being employed for enriching a child’s life. Unlike a lot of charities in India, The Debabrata-Auro Foundation completely believes in transparency with the involved members who donate and make an impact on these young children. There is no shortage of people who want to donate, but doubts regarding a foundation make people reluctant. The Debabrata-Auro Foundation has been established by two of the best doctors in our country who have made their mark in their profession. And now you can join them and donate for the noble cause of changing the life of a child. Even a small amount that you donate is enough for making a large impact. Join hands with us and donate for the change that will provide the best aid and nurture a young mind.

Why only education? We are also supporting people needing medical treatment, poor women to get professional training, family members of cancer patients to become independent and so on… Can include that.