Health NGO in Mumbai, India

“Health is wealth”, has been a cliché since times immemorial. However, the present social constitution of our nation makes the reverse true – Wealth is Health, no wealth would translate to no health. While primary healthcare facilities constitute the basic right for any citizen; dwindling resources, corruption and lack of empathy make healthcare facilities in India a distant dream for the poor and underprivileged.

Current scenario highlights the problems at two fronts – the access to healthcare and the availability of resources. The complexity of the problem is furthered by the ignorance of adults towards basic healthcare needs of children, like vaccination.

Developing nations are overwhelmed by the burden of malnourishment compounded by lack of basic sanitation or portable water leading to outbreaks of various infectious diseases which turn lethal for many children. These outbreaks are completely preventable in nature if the core problems can be eliminated. The development of basic infrastructure can be aided by various NGOs with aide from the public. Also, provision of more funds towards solving these basic issues will lead to long term improvement in the lifestyle of the underprivileged.

Though the government has framed various policies to improve the healthcare facilities in remote and under-developed areas, the status of these centers is not up to the mark for catering the bulk of population needing their services. For at least the past century, our child healthcare has been in a battered state, leading to debilitation of a major part of our future generations. In the recent years, some reforms have brought about transformation in the quality of life in various under developed areas of our country but we have a long way to go before we can provide a continuity of care for basic health related problems of children dwelling in these areas. The health of our children reflects on the health of our future as a nation. Primary healthcare access is a basic requirement and everyone must pitch in to make this dream a realization.

Our foundation in Mumbai is taking steady and strong steps in the direction of making children in unfortunate situation learn and practice better health measures. Our NGO organizes regular health check- up camps and has partnered with various other charities for children for aiding children on a larger scale. Children belonging to low income homes in India do not get any vaccinations or medication for various diseases. This leads to very high infant and child mortality rate. The Debabrata-Auro Foundation has various health programmes which are aimed to provide medicines and other essentials to children in a systematic way.

The founders of the NGO are two doctors based in Mumbai and their understanding of human health issues is matchless. Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker understand the importance of early childhood development so they want to channelize all the endeavors from volunteers and donations towards the health augmentation of every child possible. In a very short time, our NGO in Mumbai has touched the hearts and lives of many little angels who need nothing more than a loving touch and little benevolence. All the little souls can achieve greater good in life if we all come together and make efforts to promote their good health and well- being. The Debabrata-Auro Foundation believes that this goal is achievable with persistence and the desire to change India. We appreciate and welcome anyone who wants to come together to our NGO and strive towards a brighter future for these children. These little children deserve a chance at better life conditions and our NGO is making all efforts to make it possible.

We have also adopted a couple of homes for destitutes and donate medicines to them regularly, especially the ones that are needed on a daily basis.