NGO in Mumbai for Women’s

We frequently hear and read about women empowerment. Since ages women have had to fight for everything. The rigid patriarchal norms of the society have made women, the victims of a regressive mindset. Even in this century women have to fight their way up through multiple levels of aggressive rules that have been imposed on them. The gender disparity shows up in its ugliest forms in our country. It is no wonder that despite the enforcement of strict guidelines, India is notorious for the highest number female feticide cases in the world. Women empowerment has been a very popular topic of discussion behind the glossy doors of the policy makers of the country. Physical infrastructure has been improved in our country without any progress in the parallel mental infrastructure which is much more crucial when it comes to women empowerment. There is dire need to liberate women from the shackles of the inequality and prejudices and lift them through the convoluted socio- economic labyrinths in our society. The fact that women are no lesser human beings as compared to men should be enough to ensure that they get the same privileges and rights as men. Sadly, it is not the case. In India, disparities exist between the two genders at all levels. Be it discrimination within the households or at the workplace, women have to face stigma and biases at all levels.

Empowering women can bring about huge progress in our world. They can be included more into the workforce which can have an overall positive effect on the growth of our nation. The issue of women empowerment has to be dealt with at the roots in a very systematic manner. A big issue with women in our society is the lack of vocational training and consequent financial independence. The roots of this problem can be traced back to the thought process where it is believed that women are more suitable for traditional roles in a home and professional education is unnecessary.

The Debabrata- Auro Foundation (DAF) is an NGO based in Mumbai which was founded in November 2016. In a short time, this NGO has done some remarkable work for uplifting the women. Their aim is to bring about radical changes in the lives of women and provide them with a life of dignity. The DAF understands the various levels of complexities that come with the issue of women empowerment, so their method and strategies have been devised to address the problems systematically. Their target is to provide economic independence and education to women so that they can have their right foothold in the society. The various programmes conducted by this NGO include campaigns about education, feasible methods of income generation, and support for victims of domestic abuse etc.