Education NGO in Mumbai

There is direct proportion between the progress rate of a country and the state of Education in it. According to various statistics, even today, one third of our country’s population is completely uneducated and devoid of any type of formal schooling. In India, basic Education is right of all young children; despite that a large number of children even in urban areas like Mumbai never set foot in a school. The biggest hurdle in changing the literacy milieu in India is poverty. It is a tough choice for the poor to choose between Education and other survival aids. The choice becomes obvious when instead of sending a young child to school; he or she is sent to look for employment to lend a helping hand to the family. In addition to this, there are many infrastructural hurdles faced by children in our country. There is a major deficit in number of schools run by our government. Because of this, many children who want to go to school drop out of the school in sometime.

A huge challenge in realizing the dream of educating each and every child in this country is the lack and unequal distribution of public funds. Most of the funds in our country are aimed towards higher Education while the primary Education of young children is ignored. The role of primary Education in shaping the character and future of the next generation is completely indispensable. Absence of primary Education or erroneous framework of Education can have a grave impact on the future. Lack of Education in children is also caused due to illiteracy of parents who being uneducated find it hard to understand the importance of getting their children educated.

The role of NGOs and charitable trusts becomes extremely crucial in such a scenario. NGOs and charitable trusts not only take independent initiatives but also ensure justified distribution of resources in association with the government. In addition to provision of resources, an NGO or a charity can also help in pushing the cause of children’s Education by giving them motivation, sense of purpose and earning their trust.

The Debabrata- Auro Foundation has complete trust in the abilities and potential of the young children. Keeping in mind various roadblocks and setbacks that are faced by children from impoverished homes we take up various programmes to ensure that they are equipped with basic learning and Education. All the resources in the form of time and things that generous souls donate to us are put to extremely good use by our NGO in Mumbai. Our NGO believes that anyone can donate and make a difference and this was proved by a seven year old student Sanjana, from Navi Mumbai who donated her paintings based on theme of ‘hope’ to help fund the charity. It goes to prove that for righteous intentions, age is no bar. We at DAF want to touch as many young minds as we can and we will be more than happy if you would want to join us or donate to us. We sincerely believe in spreading positivity and joy as much as we can.