Child Care NGO in Mumbai – Debabrata Auro Foundation

India is one of the countries with highest number of people under 35 years of age. Untapped potential in the form of employable youth and children who can be molded to become responsible and educated citizens is in abundance in India. But there is a bitter side to this potentially bright scenario. India also is one of the countries with the highest number of people which are known as the ‘urban poor’. In Mumbai, the situation is especially dismal with statistics showing that almost 60% of Mumbai is residing in slums. Children are the worst affected by the impoverished living conditions. Over the years, various laws and acts have been drafted to ensure protection of a child’s rights and provide him with basics like education and access to healthcare. Despite great efforts, the condition of children remains dismal to a very large extent. An underprivileged child living in the slums in Mumbai does not go to school for formal education. In addition to the obvious financial hurdles that are faced by such a child, the dearth of compassionate caregivers can be held accountable for sorrow state of the underprivileged children. Our NGO reckons the value of imparting education and basic healthcare to every child and has been able to lend a helping hand to underprivileged children. Through various different initiatives and programmes, or NGO has been able to reach out children from underprivileged backgrounds for whom basic necessities of life like education, food and shelter were nothing less than a luxury. Our foundation believes in the individuality of each child and functions with the maxim of treating each and every child equally. The Debabrata- Auro Foundation is open to all children and wants to provide them with not only the basic resources like adequate healthcare and education but also enrich them with the requisite life skills. Through donation drives and volunteer work, our NGO is constantly interacting with young children in a wide age group.

The Debabrata- Auro Foundation is also working towards empowerment of women with great fervor. Women in India have to deal with an orthodox disposition which is infringed upon them. Notorious for gender discrimination against women, India has made huge progress but the condition of women from indigent homes is really daunting. The major issue in India pertaining to women is education and provision of women health care facilitates. The subject of women healthcare is still discussed in hushed tones behind closed doors. A huge population of women does not have access to medical facilities and proper sanitation or healthcare facilities. Lack of awareness because of lack of basic education has confined women within traditional and conventional roles. Our NGO reaches out to women from underprivileged and poverty- stricken background and provides them with education and training which helps them in transfusing through the orthodox mentality of the society and help them and their families. Apart from imparting training, our NGO also provides the women with basic necessities through various charity drives that are organized by the founders and their team. The volunteers and members of our NGO also visit various charitable centers in Mumbai and organize various camps for women and support them in multiple ways.

The philosophy of the Debabrata- Auro Foundation is to spread happiness and put smiles on the face of a little child or women who have been denied the fundamental rights and raise them up in the society. In a short time, our NGO has been able to bring together a lot of volunteers and together we all are paving towards a brighter future for the women and children in our society. Our NGO believes that our biggest accomplishment is to see the joy on the faces of young children and the women who have had to struggle at every step in their lives.