Our Work

Being compassionate towards a fellow human is a rare sight today. While we all are stuck in a whirlwind of our life we fail to look around, to try and help others who are in need. We at DAF foundation believe to lend a helping hand to the underprivileged and make their life better. We are a NGO from Mumbai, who aim at providing good education, basic health care and socio-economic development of women, children and other needy individuals.

They say every child is special and needs care and attention. As a charitable foundation we strive hard to get the best possible education for these kids under one roof, so as to build up their confidence in order to be one with the outside world. In addition to this, we strive to provide good healthcare initiatives to women and children at our foundation. We concentrate on overall health development and conduct special healthcare sessions for people.

Education as they say is the backbone of life. It is with the power of education that you shall reach the highest peak of success in life. A lot of women and children today are deprived of good education due to numerous reasons. We at DAF foundation, Mumbai strive hard to bring world class education for women and children who dream of progressing in life. In addition to this we also provide educational support to children who are willing to go for higher education.  Education will not only enable them build their identity but will also bring about over all socio-economic development. Education can give wings to the dreams of a child who is nothing less than a goldmine of potential.

In a land where goddesses are worshipped, we still witness women being treated as the weaker gender. There are still places where women are confined to the four walls of the house and are totally bereft of happening in the outside world. This has resulted in many women falling prey to societal pressure thereby sacrificing their existence. We at our foundation make it a point to educate women and make them financially secure. We also undertake special women oriented health care sessions to make them aware about the importance of practicing good healthcare practices.

A society grows fourfold only when you decide to hold hands and ensure to help the underprivileged. Our NGO believes in the motto of bringing overall development with compassion and a good intention aimed at making life better for the underprivileged. We at our NGO work towards making life better for the people in need of it. We ensure to be consistent in our tasks which are aimed at achieving all the goals of our organization. We make a set of plans and practically implement it for women, children and other underprivileged people in the society. To seek solace you need not be at temple doors, all you need to do is help someone in true need of care and concern and make their life better by just sparing some time from your daily life.

Our NGO believes that a huge goal can be accomplished if we together take small steps towards it. An underprivileged child can grow up to become a great leader of tomorrow and all he needs is right guidance and resources. Women can also be independent and powerful if they are provided with the right support system. Our NGO is constantly making interactive programmes to reach to maximum number of women and spread awareness about issues such as women’s rights, healthcare, education etc. You can join hands with us and become a part of our NGO in Mumbai. Your active participation will be greatly valued and appreciated by women and children that you will interact with. With your support, our NGO will be able to accomplish its mission to provide adequate healthcare and education to women and children.