NGO for Underprivileged

In our country, we have a number of laws which are aimed at protecting underprivileged children and their rights. Unfortunately, the state of poor and underprivileged children in India is still dismal. Continuous efforts are being made by the government as well as several non- profit organizations for inclusion and upliftment of the poor children through various steps in our society. However, despite the laws and policies, India is still home to nearly 30 percent of world’s population of the underprivileged children.

An underprivileged child not only deals with complete lack of economic resources but also deals with the consequences that come with it. There is lack of basic sanitation facilities, healthcare, education and food. The dearth of basic facilities and resources leads to social evils like child marriage, underage pregnancies, child labor etc. A child from a poor home often also is compelled into the menacing world of crime with no one to guide them and provide them with adequate infrastructural and mental support. All these problems are part of a vicious circle in which an underprivileged child gets stranded and the pattern is replicated in their future generations also.

Children are tender beings so it is very important that not only they are provided with material resources but emotional support as well. There are various non-profit organizations in India which have been focused in this direction; however the life of a child from an impoverished home has to be understood at a much deeper level. When it comes to children, an effectual change can only be brought about if they are nourished and nurtured comprehensively. This concept has been well imbibed in the methodology of the DAF or the Debabrata- Auro Foundation which is one of the top non-profit organizations based in Mumbai. The vision of the founders of this non-profit organization is to provide basic resources as well as basic life skills to the children who come from poor homes. The Debabrata- Auro Foundation is an NGO which believes that unlike adults, children need to be approached with more compassion and generosity.

The modus operandi of the DAF involves enrichment of children from impoverished homes by making an emotional connect with them. While most NGOs or non-profit entities tend to focus only on procurement and provision of resources, the top focus of the Debabrata- Auro Foundation is on the mental development of the children as well. Children tend to imbibe societal influences easily therefore to ensure that they become competent, it is important that they are guided towards the right path of life.

DAF believes in formulating practical strategies for transforming lives of little children and that is what distinguishes this non-profit NGO from other non-profit NGOs in Mumbai. You can also make contributions to the DAF and bring about a change in our society. Even a small contribution can completely reform the life of a child forever.