Our Donors

Debabrata Auro Foundation is immensely grateful to all its donors. Nothing would be possible without them and we thank them for their contribution to this foundation.

Jalpa Desai

I am a clinical cosmetologist based in Pune. Though my profession is to make people look good from outside, I work constantly on myself to be beautiful by heart. I think this selfishness of being a better human being than I was yesterday, motivates me to help


Shalini Kogila

One of the main reasons I help others in need is because they are our fellow human beings and we cannot turn a blind eye.  It is not a sin to be poor. If we accept God’s infinite mercy in our lives but refuse to pass it on along to others whether we think they are deserving of it or not, I feel we are the worst hypocrites. The smallest wave is the one that gets you to the shore and similarly I feel a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. Seeing a smile on someone’s face is something that makes me feel warm inside. It helps me to connect with people, actually interact with human kind. Whenever I extended a helping hand it has changed me in a way of becoming a better human being and interacting with them helped me realise that they are deeply loved by God and are extremely valuable in His sight. In this world it is a fact that whatever seed you sow, that is the sort of fruit you get.


Sanjivini S. Bhalla





Sweta Samal

Compassion and kindness only can bring joy in the lives of those who have lost all hope. The ability and willingness to extend a helping hand, however small, not only acts as a motivator to the needy but also gives a sense of contentment to the benefactor.


Kavya Gupta

One can reach a destination using multiple paths. I have been a regular blood donor for 12 years and know how self-motivating and satisfying it is to be of some help to others. This is another way to have that sense of self-motivation and satisfaction.


Sneha John Rejo Mathew

I have done my MBBS and MD Anatomy from MGIMS Sewagram. God has given me so many blessings in the form of my profession, family and friends. A small way to thank almighty for what he has done for me. I return it by helping those who are in need.



Puneet Sabhlok




Arpita Sen

I moved away from the corporate life to pursue writing, my first love. Late last year, I collaborated on an e-book of short stories published by Amazon. The proceeds from the book were donated to Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Children’s village (TCV).

The realization that I am more privileged, in the sense that I am of sound mind and health, I have had the means to pursue an education and follow a path that I believe in, is perhaps what motivates me to lend a helping hand to those who have been denied either or both.


Rupali Walawalkar

I am Rupali from Mumbai. When I reach out to help people by contributing a little bit, I get a sense of satisfaction that I am able to make at least a small difference in someone’s life. And especially when you know that your contribution is touted through a right and trusted channel.



Ms. Suverna Govil

Ms. Suverna Govil is a lawyer. She is an entrepreneur and runs a legal firm. She has also recently started a franchise of Mark Pre-school and day care in Kandivali East. She believes in women’s empowerment and is the winner of National Women’s Leadership award in the category of legal service provider in Maharashtra. She believes in helping people in every way possible and has been helping DAF with many activities. 


Nilesh Patel


Our Partners

  1. Ramesh Mehta -Noble medicals – for donating free medicines for all the Mega Medical Camps organized by DAF.




  1. Miloni and Palkesh Sancheti– Mangal distributors – For donating free medicines for the first Mega Medical Camp in March 2017





  1. Hobby Ideas- For donating acrylic colors for the art workshop conducted for differently abled children at Ashadaan.




  1. Srujan Shinde– For setting up and maintaining the foundation website.





  1. Nutan Dungdung, Vinayak Nimbalkar and Balbir ji- For investing their time and helping wholeheartedly in every endeavour.

Donors for toy donation drive December 2016

  1. Carlyne Remedios
  2. Chandni Pattni
  3. Lisa Sadanah
  4. Priyanka Kaul
  5. Sunayna Sadarangani
  6. Kareema Burman
  7. Geeta Chatterji
  8. Ponsey Verghese
  9. Sharmila Nair
  10. Archana Govil
  11. Diyana Miraj
  12. Kanchan Bhakoo
  13. Rupali Walawalkar
  14. Shalini Kogila
  15. Avinash Sohal
  16. Shweta Shah
  17. Singapore International School
  18. Sangeen Kakkad
  19. Atiya Jhaveri
  20. Deepali Arolkar

Donors for book donation drive April 2018

    1. Vaishali Rawat
    2. Arpita Sen
    3. Nimisha Kantharia
    4. Rupali Walawalkar
    5. Reshma Palep
    6. Swati Kudalkar
    7. Arvin Bhasker
    8. Falguni Kumar Laha
    9. Shiv Malik
    10. Sanjana Bhosle
    11. Shehla Shaikh