Top International NGO in India

All human beings born in this world have an equal right to live a life of dignity. Irrespective of the caste, race or nationality, every person should be treated fairly and should have access to basic resources and amenities like food, clean water, shelter, basic education etc. But unfortunately, there is wide gulf which exists in between different economic classes all over the world. This means that while many people have more than what they need, others are living a daily nightmare. The top statistics regarding the status of poverty in our world are absolutely disheartening. Because of lack of basic life resources and skills, the people who are stricken by poverty often discover that their voices are lost in this cacophonic world. Giving these oppressed souls a voice and an equal and elevated status in society is a mission that has been taken up by The Debabrata-Auro Foundation which is an international NGO in India.

The Debabrata-Auro Foundation was established with a singular aim of helping the weaker sections of society in India and across international borders which mainly constitutes of children who belong to poverty- stricken backgrounds and women who are ill-treated and oppressed. The Debabrata-Auro Foundation has become one of the top NGOs in India thanks to the immensely motivated team members who are dedicated to provide basic education and healthcare to women and children in India.

Our NGO works in association with several children and women shelters and is impelled towards bringing about mass changes in the living conditions in the society. Our NGO is now moving ahead to not only help in humanitarian causes in India but also lend a helping hand to as many people as possible across the borders. The problem of poverty is not something that is limited to our country. Millions of people all over the world are surviving in inhuman conditions where they are compelled to adopt a very confining perspective towards life. In such a scenario, as much as these people need provision of resources, they also need an encouraging support system which can instill a belief about their capabilities within themselves. The Debabrata-Auro Foundation believes in the magical healing powers of human compassion and therefore all the initiatives that are taken up by our NGO are driven in this direction.

In a very short span of time, The Debabrata-Auro Foundation has surpassed what many foundations can only hope to achieve and the credit of this feat goes to the team of our NGO which comprises of the founders as well. The efforts of the entire team of our NGO are fortified by the unconditional love and support that we obtain from our Indian and international donors and volunteers. The ideology on which this foundation functions has been received with much positivity and this has restored our faith in humanity. Despite all the heart-wrenching incidences that keep happening in the world, there are still people who want to comfort the fellow human beings and support them whole heartedly.

Slowly and steadily, The Debabrata-Auro Foundation is inching its way to involve more people and organizations, both national and international, to help as many people as it can. The top agenda of our NGO is to help the people who are unheard and unaccounted for in the society. It is said that biggest mountains can be moved with persistence and dedication and our foundation is determined to improve the social disparity in India and across the border.