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Sujal’s family consists of his elder sister and his mother who is an amputee and lost her left arm to peripheral vascular disease 7 years back. Life can be really unfair at times…… and they lost their father to an illness 5 years ago. With no source of income, the family was struggling to make ends meet.

We raised a plea on social media and it was heartening to see that so many dear friends responded to us and not only could we take care of Sujal’s education but also that of his sister Sanika. (Thank you…… Kavya Gupta, Dr. Jalpa Desai, Dr. Sanjivini S Bhalla, Dr. Shalini Kogila, Dr. Sneha John Rejo Mathew, Puneet Sabhlok and Sweta Samal)

A special thanks to our founder Dr. Debraj Shome for providing a monthly maintenance to the family so that they can sustain themselves.

We would like to stress upon two things:

  1. We salute their neighbor, a senior citizen who is a watchman by profession. He stretched beyond his means for more than 5 years to help this family. They are not his relatives, neither from the same village. For years, he has shared his family’s meals so that these kids don’t go hungry. Today we think he is a bigger hero than anyone we know. It is easy to be rich and give a little bit away…. But it takes a lot to be poor and yet be able to help others.
  2. We really admire and are proud of the mother of these 2 children. Despite having her left arm amputated, she has trained herself to work and be independent with just one hand. She can cook a whole meal with one hand…. She can cut vegetables and make rotis. Despite being handicapped, she was willing to take up a job and willing to work hard to make ends meet. She held her head high and refused to take alms.

As a foundation we just connect the dots because there are people who need help and there are people who want to help.

All we can say is that it may be a small change in the larger scheme of things but, it feels great to see one family get back on their feet.

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