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The Role of NGOs for underprivileged child In Mumbai, India.

NGOs play a dominant role to eliminate the crisis with a mission to serve for the benefit of the society and humaneness.  Underprivileged sections of society need assistance to be able to lead a

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Three things to keep in mind while donating towards child education in India

With a teeming population, and overburdened schools, children in shelters run by NGOs often suffer for want of education. The shelters would only be in a position to offer as much as possible

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What to Look for While Choose the Best Health Foundation For donation in India

Many individuals lack funds to undergo procedures or to avail the right medication. Children in homes and destitute shelters are often left to suffer in great pain and agony for want of medical support. Many foundations and charitable institutions exist in India to support those in need of medical intervention. However, the demand for assistance is never fully met as contributions are just a fraction of the actual needs. Your choice of support to health foundations in India should ideally be governed by a few factors that may include the following.

Medical background, orientation and compassion of the founders of the organization

Public spirited individuals who display a humane side to their profession, involve in philanthropic activities to support the needy. The ideals of such individuals reflect in the activities of the foundations they establish. Your support to foundations must look at the reputations of the founders and their conduct in profession. 

The association with homes and shelters that require assistance

Health foundations need to first identify beneficiaries. In the absence of accurate information regarding the financial status of the general public, most foundations begin their activities at homes and shelters for the needy. Your choice of the best health foundation for donating funds should ideally be based on the activities and association of the foundation with reputed shelters and homes in India. This will give you a better idea of the zeal and determination of the foundation to support the needy.

Medical camps and events

Apart from activities in special homes and shelters, health foundations that wish to impact the lives of the downtrodden conduct meaningful medical camps. Choose a foundation that is more about substance and less about optics. Location and the duration of the camps are a great source of information regarding the activities of the foundation.  A camp that is of a very short duration is more of a photo op than a meaningful activity. Choose the right foundation to make an impact.

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Four Things to Look For While Donating In the Best Charitable Trust in Mumbai

The philanthropic activities of NGOs and the volunteers who work with NGOs need special appreciation and recognition for their selfless service to humanity. However, it is important that the charitable institutions are supported financially to permit them to carry on their relief activities. Without funds, charitable organizations suffer, leaving their dependents the most affected. A word of caution however. Before making contributions to charitable institutions, it always pays to ensure that your donations reach the intended beneficiaries. Here is how you can filter out unscrupulous entities that operate in the guise of charitable institutions.

1 – Look at a record of the activities

The best way to ascertain credibility, is to look at the activities of the organizations. Verify that the trusts have helped beneficiaries directly and indirectly. The nature of the support is also important. Charity should ideally be directed at the most needy causes and not for supporting luxury demands of individuals.

2 – Choose nonprofit organizations

Choose a trust that is nonprofit. You really do not want to add to the profits of large trusts that take halfhearted measures in charitable work with an eye on the profits that they are likely to bag. A trust that is nonprofit in nature would offer greater service to the underprivileged.

3 – Look at public spirited mentality of founders

A trust that has been established by individuals who are public spirited would definitely reflect the spirit of the founders. Individuals from the medical fraternity who devote their time to support the underprivileged with medical relief, would have a more intense and dedicated approach to offer relief.

4 – Look at the percentage of funds that reach the beneficiaries

More often than not, large organizations that are involved in charity work spend a significant amount of the donations towards operational expenses. While the dedication and integrity of such organizations are beyond doubt, the nature and scale of operations may sometimes end up with a major portion of your contributions going towards operational expenses.

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Charitable trust in Mumbai


Debabrata Auro Foundation donated 50 pairs of rain shoes and 1 set of class V text books to children at Ashadham.


This is the principle behind everything we do at Debabrata Auro Foundation.

Shoes are basic essentials needed for any kid to go to school. Ever wondered….. that lack of rain shoes could prevent a lot of underprivileged children from getting to school in monsoons?

We donated 50 pairs of rain shoes to children at Ashadaan!! 50 pairs of happy feet will now walk to school everyday without any worries!

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Top NGO of India

MUMBAI SPEAKS – No mean feat

This 7-year-old resident of Ashadaan, a home for the differently abled and destitute, is unable to use her hands. But that doesn’t stop her from bringing her imagination to life on canvas. Here she is drawing a scenery at a painting workshop conducted over the weekend by Debabrata Auro Foundation. “Art uplifts the state of mind and helps to heal at the deepest levels,” says Dr Aparna Bhasker, who set up the foundation last year to help the underprivileged.

The picture was shared by reader Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker

If you have clicked a picture which tells the story of the people in the frame, mail it to us at


‘Why do we have to breathe smoke every day?’

Why is no action taken on hundreds of illegal factories, wonders a reader.

Sakinaka resident Vikas Daga and his family have been breathing fume-laden air, thanks to an illegal factory of a laundry in his vicinity.

Daga says the laundry, at Khairani Road in Andheri (East), burns old wooden scrap to power its machines instead of using electricity, thus causing massive air pollution.

“We are forced to breathe smoke 24×7. We are deprived from our right to breathe clean air,” rues Daga.

As the chimneys are quite short, the fumes enter windows of neighbouring buildings.

Daga wonder why authorities don’t allow old vehicles to ply on the streets because of air pollution but don’t take any action on these polluting factories that spout deadly fumes every day. He hopes authorities sit up and take action for the health and future of citizens.

Send us your problem at with pictures and we will try and ensure the authorities take action.


A long and slow life

43 Age of Miss C, the world’s oldest sloth, who died on June 2 at Adelaide zoo. Miss C was a Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth, a species which moves so slowly algae grows on their furry coat, and she lived four times longer than expected.


Beware the University of Whatsapp

He is not the juvenile in Nirbhaya case

This picture is being widely shared on social media, claiming to be that of the juvenile convict in the Nirbhaya gang-rape, whose picture has never been printed. The message exhorts others to share it so that he is “never able to work or stay anywhere and may such heinous acts not be repeated”. As it happens, this picture is not that of the juvenile, but another convict in the same case Vinay Sharma, who tried to commit suicide in prison.


where Mumbaikars speak their mind

Do you think increasing the fine from Rs 1,200 to Rs 5,000 will deter hawkers?

Muhammad Faayez

Yes, I think increasing the fine will deter hawkers as most of them are poor. If the fine is increased, they may think twice before they go back to the streets.

Iqbal Gilani
Retd Bank Manager

If the authority really wants to get rid of hawkers, then it is not impossible for them to do so. A hefty fine is secondary.

Shriya Shenoy
NLP Trainer

Denying hawkers a living by increasing the fine is unjustified. Instead, clear hawking zones should be created for them.

Ruchi Gore

A fine may put off hawkers for some time but not in the long run. They will definitely take risks for their livelihood.

Rishit Vimadalal
Law Student

Unless a viable alternative is provided to these hawkers, the only viable option will be to continue their illegal trade.

Gaurav D Sen

This fourfold increase in fine will not only prevent more hawkers from setting up illegal stalls but would also uproot the existing ones.


Which team is India’s biggest threat in the Champion’s Trophy?

If you want to be featured in this section, mail us your answer, in 25 words, with ‘Tap The Chatter’ in the subject. Mail us with your name, occupation and a picture at

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Best NGO in India

City doctors stumped with level of creativity of differently abled kids

Two city doctors, Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Aparna Bhasker, conducted a painting workshop in Asha Daan a home for abandoned, specially-abled children in Byculla. Over 450 inmates stay in Asha Daan and many of them participated in the workshop. The doctors have decided to auction the paintings made by these inmates and use the proceedings in their welfare. They have successful auctioned nine paintings so far. 

City doctors stumped with level of creativity of differently abled kids

Drawings and paintings done by the differently abled kids

It’s not every day that you get to see doctors conducting painting sessions for children. But on Sunday, two city doctors who also run an NGO, have organised a painting camp for destitute and orphan kids.

Dr Debraj Shome, a facial plastic surgeon and Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, a bariatric surgeon, who together started the Debabrata Auro Foundation in November last year, conducted a painting workshop for differently-abled children at Asha Daan (a home for abandoned, specially-abled children) in Byculla.

“Art uplifts the state of mind and helps to heal a person at the deepest levels. During the three hours that we spent painting with these kids, we could feel their enthusiasm and vivacity. It was heartening to see that though life has not given these children much to choose from, they have made the choice to be happy,” said Dr Aparna.

Dr Sargam Dev Soni interacting with the kids

Dr Sargam Dev Soni interacting with the kids

The NGO have been helping Asha Daan and Shanti Daan ashram (Borivli) with medicines and other requirements. This time, Dr Debraj and Dr Aparna decided to spend time with the children and encourage them for painting. “These children stumped us with their infectious energy and willingness to live life. Nine-year-old Aastha, who suffers from muscular dystrophy and has been on a wheelchair for the past few years, but that does not prevent her from wielding a pencil and a paint brush. She loves to paint and is extremely good at it. Although I have two normal hands, I cannot paint the way they have done it,” said Dr Debraj.

Like Aastha, there are over 450 inmates at Asha Daan — a home for differently-abled and destitute children and adults. Abandoned by their families, most of these children suffer from various degrees of disabilities like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, mental retardation etc.

City doctors stumped with level of creativity of differently abled kids

Dr Aparna and Dr Debraj Shome at Shanti Daan with a Missionaries of Charity sister

“Although they have been abandoned by their families, their enthusiasm is unmatchable. This is our third visit to Missionaries of Charity centres and the happiness they have given to us and vice versa cannot be matched up with money,” said Dr Debraj.

The NGO has planned to auction the paintings and the proceedings will be used for the welfare of these children. “So far, we have sold nine paintings. The money generated from these paintings will be used to buy rain shoes and textbooks for them,” Dr Debraj added.

For people who want to contribute to the cause taken up by Dr Debraj and Dr Aparna can log on to for more information.

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Debabrata Auro Foundation conducted a painting workshop for the differently abled children at Ashadaan on June 4, 2017.

Art uplifts the state of mind and helps to heal at the deepest levels. In the three hours that we spent painting with these kids we could feel their enthusiasm and vivacity. It was heartening to see that though life has not given these children much to choose from, they have made the choice to be happy.

This workshop was special. Abandoned by their families, most of these children suffer from various degrees of disabilities like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, mental retardation etc. Although most of these children have difficulty in keeping their hands steady, they enjoyed the three hours of painting. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and competitiveness that they exhibited. They may be physically challenged but their spirits are soaring.

At DAF we do not believe in charity, we believe in “empowerment”. These paintings have been put up for sale in the DAF Online Art Gallery. If you wish to support these kids and want to purchase any of these beautiful pieces of art please visit- You can write to for further details.

Funds generated from the sale of these paintings will be used to provide text books and rain shoes for these children

We thank our partners – Hobby Ideas and Mr. Mandeep Singh Kandra for donating colours and canvas for this Art Workshop. Special thanks to artist Kishori Kadam for her time and Dr Sargam Dev Soni, Sangeen Kakkad and Somita Pal for supporting our cause.

See the below Pictures:






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Medicine donation at Ashadaan, March 30, 2017


The Debabrata Auro Foundation donated specialty medicines to the inmates of Ashadaan, the Missionaries of Charity, Byculla, Mumbai on March 30, 2017 .

Ever wondered about how much is there to be thankful for, in life? Try and see the world through the hearts of small children fighting big battles. At Ashadaan we met 53 such brave hearts, who suffered from various degrees of disability. Some of these children could not walk, some were blind or had amputated limbs and some suffered from muscular dystrophy and mental retardation. Most of them were orphans or had been abandoned by their parents.

No battle can be harder than theirs. Yet they had the courage to smile, to greet, to be creative, to make friends and to be happy.

I guess we were lucky to have had this opportunity to meet these special kids. The twinkle in their eyes and their zest for life is enough to make us go back to them again and again!

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Toy donation, 25th December, 2016


Debabrata Auro Foundation conducted the first toy donation drive which culminated on December 25, 2016 with setting up a toy library for the Residential School for Deaf and Mute Students run by Pragati Pratisthan at Jawhar in Palghar District.

A toy can make any kid’s day!

Disability with poverty is not a great combination and life is certainly not easy for these children. What made our trip worthwhile was the smiles, the determination and the enthusiasm with which they greeted us. God bless the spirited souls and we are thankful for this opportunity to be able to do a little something and spread some Christmas cheer around!