7 Year Old Sanjana Is Making The World A Better Place, One Painting At A Time

Artists across the world at some point in their lives have channeled their creativity towards raising money for greater causes. Sanjana Bhosale, a class 2 student from OES International School, Vasai knew that she had a proclivity towards painting and had a greater purpose to serve through her talent.

Sanjana, who lives in Vasai, only started painting with a private instructor a few months ago. The talented girl learnt the ropes almost immediately, creating drawings ranging from landscape to human portraits.

When her mother, Madhavi Bhosale, saw her artwork, she asked Sanjana if she was keen on donating the drawings to help educate poor children. Sanjana, Madhavi recalls, jumped at the idea.
She was so happy and excited about using her talent for a good cause.

As the paintings are meant to help poor children, all her drawings are themed on the message of hope. For instance, the painting of the dancing girl represents ‘free spirit’, while that of the flying bird symbolises ‘following one’s dreams’.

To spread the beauty of Sanjana’s paintings, Madhavi reached out to Debabrata Auro Foundation, which is run by Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, the family has donated five of Sanjana’s paintings, which were exclusively painted by the young artist for the auction.

“Generally, children are very attached to their paintings and don’t like to give it to anyone. But, Sanjana, our youngest donor has surprised us. Small acts of giving have a ripple effect and eventually lead to a big impact on communities”, said Dr Aparna.

Sanjana, who loves a palette of bright colors use lot of rainbow colors in her paintings. She is especially drawn towards drawing mountains, flowers and the sun.

She is self-motivated little girl whose family supports and encourages her offer help through her paintings.

Her mother, Madhavi, said,

We were in Italy last year, and we went to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting ‘The Last Supper.’ We had to book a month in advance to see it, and we were only shown the painting for 15 minutes. Sanjana was so astonished to see everyone from around the world come there for a painting. She told me how she wanted to draw something that is praised by everyone in the world.

Because Sanjana has been an avid painter since a young age, I always encourage her to take it forward. Sanjana has always gifted us hand-made cards on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Her elder brother always takes out prints of cards or goes to gift shops, but Sanjana loves to draw and surprise us.

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