This 7-Year-Old Girl From Mumbai Proves Philanthropy Can Begin At Any Age, All You Need Is A Big Heart

Sanjana Bhosale, a 7-year-old artist from Mumbai, is setting an example to all who look forward to helping the society cope with its problems but are waiting for success to first reach its doorsteps. The class 2 student from OES International School has voluntarily donated five of her paintings to cater to the education of underprivileged kids.

It was Sanjana’s mother, who came up with the idea of putting up her paintings on sale, which in fact took her only a few months of training from a private instructor who taught her the nuances of the art, the rest was pure talent and hard work.

Sanjana’s predilection towards the art of painting was awe-inspiring to her mother Madhavi who then asked Sanjana to consider the possibility of donating her work towards the education of poor students. “She was so happy and excited about using her talent for a good cause,” Madhavi told Mid Day.

“As the paintings are meant to help poor children, all her drawings are themed on the message of hope. For instance, the painting of the dancing girl represents ‘free spirit’, while that of the flying bird symbolises ‘following one’s dreams’,” she added. “I want to help people through my art. Everyone deserves a good life. And, we can work together to help them live a happy life,” she added.

In order to put the paintings up for donation, the family consulted the Debabrata Auro Foundation, which is run by Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker. They decided to donate five of Sanjana’s paintings to the charity foundation

All of these beautiful artworks have been made available for sale online on the official website of the foundation. Interested buyers must write to the organisers at

This beautiful deed by the young seven-year-old reminds us how we can always be in a position to bring happiness into other’s lives if we really want to and how effortless charity can be.

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