7 Y.O. Sanjana Who Paints For Charity Tells Us What Crayon Is Missing In Her Palette

Such are the skies of the 7-year-old artist, Sanjana Bhosale. She, who loves to draw and paint all things colorful is a 2nd standard student studying in OES International School, Vasai in Maharashtra.

We often come across artists donating their work for charity, but to see someone as young as her doing it, is unbelievably beautiful.

To spread the beauty of Sanjana’s paintings, her mother Madhavi reached out to Debabrata Auro Foundation and donated five of Sanjana’s paintings for auction.

Child artist

Kids are my favorite and their innocence and urge to know things, excite me. I called her up to know more about her meaningful work.

Hello Mansi didi, said Sanjana in the most sugary voice.

Hello Sanjana, How are you doing?

I am good, thank you.

Before I went on to ask her about her paintings, she replied, “I just came back from school and was waiting for you to call.”

Dazzled by her cuteness, I asked her about her first painting.

I drew Ganpati Bappa as my first painting.

Who did you gift it?

It was for my uncle who owns an automobile company by the name Sanjana Motors. You know, I even cut the ribbon at his inauguration, she said excitedly.

Since we pray to Ganpati Bappa before we begin something, I gifted him a painting. He has framed and hung it in his office. He really liked it.

What is your personal favorite painting?

I once drew a boat painting which now I have given for charity. I love the sky I drew in it because it has so many shades.

What are your most favorite and least favorite colors?

I love rainbow colors, and I like to draw and paint everything which is extremely colorful.

I don’t like the black color at all. I can’t use it in my sun or flowers or mountains.

Hearing her talk about her love for colors, I could revisit my childhood drawing days. I remember how drawing flowers of different types were my favorite… so I asked Sanjana the same thing.

Because I love colors, I draw many sceneries.

And what do you like the most in sceneries?

Mountains and the sun, I like them the most.

What did your teachers and friends say after they had known that your paintings help underprivileged children go to school?

They were extremely happy. They told me that they are very proud of me and I should never stop drawing.

How apart from selling your paintings do you help kids from slums?

I give them my toys, clothes, and story books.

Joining the conversation was Sanjana’s mother, Madhavi.

She told me, “We were in Italy last year, and we went to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting ‘The Last Supper.’ We had to book a month in advance to see it, and we were only shown the painting for 15 minutes. Sanjana was so astonished to see everyone from around the world come there for a painting. She told me how she wanted to draw something that is praised by everyone in the world.

Because Sanjana has been an avid painter since a young age, I always encourage her to take it forward. Sanjana has always gifted us hand-made cards on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Her elder brother always takes out prints of cards or goes to gift shops, but Sanjana loves to draw and surprise us.”

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