Debabrata Auro Foundation: Donate for Child Education in India

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Debabrata Auro Foundation: Donate for Child Education in India

A man can be robbed of any wealth in this world, but not the education and knowledge that he has attained through it. Such is the unyielding nature of education. Helping an individual to attain such wealth would be the best of all charities that mankind has ever experienced and a donor can provide to another. Give the child money, the child will spend it. But give a child education, the child will use it and prosper. Debabrata – Auro foundation in Mumbai will has imbibed this culture in its very DNA to help the underprivileged children to attain proper education.

The literacy rate in India has been a concern. Despite the compulsory education rule for children of age less than 13 and the presence of numerous government and government aided schools in India; the literacy rates have not witnessed a commendable growth. This is due to the fact that children in India do not have basic awareness about the significance of education. This situation in the long run would hamper the economic growth and development of the country.

Debabrata – Auro foundation understands this and the negative impacts that it poses to the country. Hence is striving with all its resources to provide awareness about education and its importance to the people. The foundation conducts camps and meetings regularly to the needy parents with children to encourage them to provide them with education.

Apart from that, the volunteers in the foundation identify the children with lesser means to afford education are taken responsibility of by the foundation and provide them with basic needs. Then the foundation provides them with necessary education with the help of its volunteers, well-wishers and supporters of the foundation.

Debabrata foundation and the volunteers employed by the foundation understand that each kid is unique and have skills that may differ from the other. So equal and distinctive care is given to each kid so as to build their foundation and develop the kids transform into respectable citizens of the country.

Debabrata foundation urges and harnesses all its resources to provide the children in need with the education that they have dreamt of. The members of the foundation believe that it is a collective effort that is done in collaboration with efforts and support, either financially or by any other means, by their supporters for this godly initiative.

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