The Role of NGOs for underprivileged child In Mumbai, India.

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The Role of NGOs for underprivileged child In Mumbai, India.

NGOs play a very important role in the society and this is the same all over the world. Underprivileged sections of the society need assistance to be able to lead a safe and dignified life. Children are often at the receiving end of most situations. Left to fend for themselves, after being orphaned or abandoned on the streets, the plight of children without a home will move even a hardened soul to tears. Many needs of the children need to be met; education, shelter, food, clothing, treatment, emotional support etc. As an NGO for underprivileged children, DAF Foundation performs many roles, some of which are profiled here.

Recognition through art

Children crave attention. This holds true even for children in orphanages, and is in fact experienced more among children in orphanages. As a responsible and caring NGO for orphans in Mumbai, the DAF Foundation conducts little art shows for children in shelters. This helps in nurturing the budding talent of the innocent children, while offering recognition through the showcasing of talent. Some of the works are also monetized and the proceeds go back to the shelter in the form of assistance to the children. Children who gain recognition, feel a sense of worth and it also keeps them engaged. In the settings of a shelter, deprived of parental emotion, the children experience a feeling of void, regardless of the love and affection showered by the shelter. Such events help to lift the spirits of children.

Medical camps for comprehensive checkup and medical intervention

DAF Foundation, as a respected NGO in Mumbai for the underprivileged, pays great attention to the medical needs of the children. Many children in shelters suffer from diseases and deformities. Such children also have difficulty in expressing pain and agony. In the settings of a home, parents and guardians have a better chance of recognizing discomfort without being informed.  Whereas in an orphanage, the possibilities are lesser due to the large number of children. Conducting medical camps for comprehensive checkup and medical intervention helps children in times of need. This is the reason why reputed and top non-profit organizations conduct medical camps for underprivileged children.

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