Three things to keep in mind while donating towards child education in India

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Three things to keep in mind while donating towards child education in India

With a teeming population, and overburdened schools, children in shelters run by NGOs often suffer for want of education. The shelters would only be in a position to offer as much as possible while relying on the generosity of individuals and organizations to be able to offer better education options to children. If you plan to donate for child education in India choose the best Indian charities to donate to, by bearing in mind the three following factors.

Look at the objectives of the foundation

The objectives of the foundation are most important. Before you donate for education in India look at the guiding principles of the foundation. If education is not shown as a separate and important activity, then you are at the wrong place. An NGO that focuses on assisting children with educational support in some form or the other will have direct contact with shelters and have information about the kind of help needed and the time window within which the assistance needs to be provided. After all, there is no point in giving assistance after the end of academic years.

Understand the activities and assistance the foundation has rendered in the past

The past can offer some information about the future. Look at the activities of the foundation in the past, especially in terms of education. If the activity involved a lot of pomp and grandeur, then you can be sure that most of your donation for education will go towards the conduct of grand gala functions. An NGO that is more concerned about the work that is necessary will always look at low key functions that are aimed to deliver.

Understand how the NGOs treat the children

An NGO that is truly compassionate will offer real and meaningful assistance to the children while at the same time treating the children with respect and dignity. It needs to be understood that the children are not statistics but real human lives who need to be given care, respect, dignity and recognition. Choose a NGO that honours the little ones with recognition and treats them with warmth.

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