What to Look for While Choose the Best Health Foundation For donation in India

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What to Look for While Choose the Best Health Foundation For donation in India

Many individuals lack funds to undergo procedures or to avail the right medication. Children in homes and destitute shelters are often left to suffer in great pain and agony for want of medical support. Many foundations and charitable institutions exist in India to support those in need of medical intervention. However, the demand for assistance is never fully met as contributions are just a fraction of the actual needs. Your choice of support to health foundations in India should ideally be governed by a few factors that may include the following.

Medical background, orientation and compassion of the founders of the organization

Public spirited individuals who display a humane side to their profession, involve in philanthropic activities to support the needy. The ideals of such individuals reflect in the activities of the foundations they establish. Your support to foundations must look at the reputations of the founders and their conduct in profession. 

The association with homes and shelters that require assistance

Health foundations need to first identify beneficiaries. In the absence of accurate information regarding the financial status of the general public, most foundations begin their activities at homes and shelters for the needy. Your choice of the best health foundation for donating funds should ideally be based on the activities and association of the foundation with reputed shelters and homes in India. This will give you a better idea of the zeal and determination of the foundation to support the needy.

Medical camps and events

Apart from activities in special homes and shelters, health foundations that wish to impact the lives of the downtrodden conduct meaningful medical camps. Choose a foundation that is more about substance and less about optics. Location and the duration of the camps are a great source of information regarding the activities of the foundation.  A camp that is of a very short duration is more of a photo op than a meaningful activity. Choose the right foundation to make an impact.

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