Four Things to Look For While Donating In the Best Charitable Trust in Mumbai

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Four Things to Look For While Donating In the Best Charitable Trust in Mumbai

The philanthropic activities of NGOs and the volunteers who work with NGOs need special appreciation and recognition for their selfless service to humanity. However, it is important that the charitable institutions are supported financially to permit them to carry on their relief activities. Without funds, charitable organizations suffer, leaving their dependents the most affected. A word of caution however. Before making contributions to charitable institutions, it always pays to ensure that your donations reach the intended beneficiaries. Here is how you can filter out unscrupulous entities that operate in the guise of charitable institutions.

1 – Look at a record of the activities

The best way to ascertain credibility, is to look at the activities of the organizations. Verify that the trusts have helped beneficiaries directly and indirectly. The nature of the support is also important. Charity should ideally be directed at the most needy causes and not for supporting luxury demands of individuals.

2 – Choose nonprofit organizations

Choose a trust that is nonprofit. You really do not want to add to the profits of large trusts that take halfhearted measures in charitable work with an eye on the profits that they are likely to bag. A trust that is nonprofit in nature would offer greater service to the underprivileged.

3 – Look at public spirited mentality of founders

A trust that has been established by individuals who are public spirited would definitely reflect the spirit of the founders. Individuals from the medical fraternity who devote their time to support the underprivileged with medical relief, would have a more intense and dedicated approach to offer relief.

4 – Look at the percentage of funds that reach the beneficiaries

More often than not, large organizations that are involved in charity work spend a significant amount of the donations towards operational expenses. While the dedication and integrity of such organizations are beyond doubt, the nature and scale of operations may sometimes end up with a major portion of your contributions going towards operational expenses.

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